Tandoori Specialties

Tandoori is a method of cooking chicken or other meat with the tandoori spices in high temperature using the Indian clay oven, leaving the meat with all the flavors of spices seeping in perfectly. With every bite, you could taste the succulent texture of the chicken and meat enrich with all the flavors.

In 7 Spice, our chef has prepared the tandoori with our very own special 7 Spice Secret Recipe.

Enjoy your Tandoori Chicken, Lamb or Fishes accompanied with our traditional naan today!
Tandoori Specialties

Tandoori Chicken
  • Quarter
  • Half
  • Full

Chicken Tikka

Tangri Kebab (2 pcs)

Chicken Sheek Kebab (6 pcs)

Murgh Hariyali (6 pcs)

Andhara Murgh (6 pcs)

Murgh Kali Murch (6 pcs)

Lamb Tikka (6 pcs)

Lamb Cheese Kebab (6 pcs)

Fish Tikka (5 pcs)

Prawn Tikka (8 pcs)

Tandoori Squid (2 pcs)

Gobi Tikka (6 pcs)

Mushroom Tikka (6 pcs)

Tandoori Platter

Vegetable Tandoori Platter

                                           - Chef's Recommendation            - Spicy

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