Main Courses

Our main course dishes are available with wide choices of Northern Indian Cuisine, which is only prepared and cooked when ordered and the authentic Southern Indian Cuisine which is highly known for the various spices used to enhance the flavor of the food.

In 7 Spice, our experience chef are known to be specialize in preparing authentic cuisine yet not forgetting to be inventive in creating new dishes to our menu.

7 Spice Specialties
  • 7S Chicken
  • 7S Prawn
  • Fish Head Curry (Big)
  • Fish Head Curry (Small)
  • 7S Seabass (Gravy)
  • 7S Seabass Curry
  • M.J Seabass
7 Spice Special Briyani Rice (6.00pm-10.00p.m)
  • Vegetable
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Fish
  • Prawn
Tandoor (6.00pm-10.00p.m)
  • 7S Tandoor Platter
  • 7S Tandoor Prawn (1 Piece)
  • 7S Tandoor Chicken Chops
South Indian
  • 7S Chicken 
  • Andhara Chicken

North Indian

Chicken Pepper Masala
Fresh chicken cooked with pepper and special 7 Spice gravy

Chicken Tikka Masala
Signature Dish - Exotic creamy tomato sauce cooked with a blend of spices

Chicken Do Piazza
Chicken and onions cooked in a gravy with red chillies

Chicken Kurma
Chicken cooked with our special 7 Spice mild gravy

Butter Chicken Masala
Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken in butter and tomato sauce
South Indian
  • Kashmiri Lamb 
  • Babar Lamb
  • Lamb Varuvel
North Indian
Lamb Pepper Fry
Tender lamb stir fried with freshly crushed pepper and tomato and onion

Kadai Lamb 
Tender cuts of mutton cooked in a kadai, flavoured with garlic, freshly crushed pepper and capsicum in a thick gravy

Lamb Chuka
Lamb cooked with chefs own recipe with special spices

Lamb Rogan Josh 
All time flavour from Kashmir with the original ROgal Josh flavour

Kheema Mutter
Minced lamb and greenpeas cooked in indian herbs and spices

Lamb Rarah Punjabi
Lamb cooked with lamb mince in special 7 Spices, in a blend of onion and mild gravy
Malabar Fish Curry

Fish Tikka Masala
Tender fish tikka in creamy tomato sauce cooked with a blend of spices and fresh garlic

Ajwain Fish Masala
Fish fillet cooked with garlic and curry leaf, Ajwain and Special 7 Spice gravy

Fish Do Piazza
Tender fish fillet and onion cooked in a gravy with green pepper

Butter Squid Masala
Fresh prawn cooked in special butter and tomato sauce

Chilli Squid
Special marinated squid cooked with onion and capsicum

Black Squid
Squid cooked in a special 7 Spice gravy with black sauce

Prawn Masala
Prawn cooked with our special herbs and special gravy

Prawn Makhni
Fresh prawns cooked in tomato and butter sauce
Butter Prawn Masala
Fresh prawn cooked in special butter gravy

Prawn Malai Curry
Prawn cooked with coconut milk abd cashew nut with special 7 Spice gravy
Bendhi Masala
Tender Okra cooked with our special herbs and 7 Spice flavoured gravy

Palak Paneer
Fresh ground spinach cooked in chunks of paneer

Mushroom Pepper Masala
Fresh mushrooms cooked with pepper in special 7 spice pepper gravy

Paneer Butter Masala
Fresh homemade cheese cooked in tomato and butter sauce

Aloo Gobi
Cauliflower and potato sauteed in indian spices with 7 Spice flavour

Aloo Capsicum Masala
Fried potatoes and capsicum cooked in special 7 spices yellow gravy

Kashimiri Dum Aloo
Potatoes cooked in red tomato gravy with dried fruits

Mushroom Butter Masala
Fresh button mushrooms cooked in a special 7 Spice butter gravy

Sabji Mehak
Mixed vegetables cooked with special 7 Spice herbs in white gravy
Indian Breads
  • 7 Spice Naan (Chicken/Lamb)
  • Garlic Naan
  • Sesame Naan
  • Kasmiri Naan
  • Cheese Naan
  • Tomato Cheese Naan
  • Afghani Naan
  • Butter Garlic Cheese Naan
  • Paneer Kulcha
  • Roti
  • Tandoori Paratha
  • Aloo Paratha
  • Romali Roti
                                                 - Chef's Recommendation            - Spicy

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